Rites of the Ides and Kalends

Excerpt from my “Roman Pagan Workbook”
(comment: The phrase I designed “Vita eritis beati” is a mere attempt to replace “Amen” or the Wiccan “So mote it be.” I had the desire to have a finishing phrase, though I am not 100% happy with it. “Life may be blessed”. Maybe someone can come up with a more catchy phrase.)

IDES The Ides are still very renown for the story of Julius Caesar, who was warned “beware the Ides of March”, where he was stabbed on the stairs to the Senate. The Ides are the 13th of every months, but in March, May, July and October they are on the 15th. The ideas are the sacred days of Jupiter, the King of the Gods and Sky-Father, who get a sacrifice at this day. It is also the sacred day of the Lares of the family, so make an offering and prayer to your Ancestors at the Lararium on this day.


Stand in front of the Lararium. Sprinkle Water on your head and hands.
“May this water purify me.”
Light the incense upon the altar.
“In the Name Jupiter, Lord of the Genii,
Blessed are the Divine Lares! Blessed are the Great Ancestors of my house!
Blessed are the Fathers and Mother before me!”
Light the lamp/candle before the Lararium.
“Great Vesta bless this flame.
Great Father in the Heavens Jove, Great King of the Gods,
Guide and protect me, and look with favor upon me!”
Present Cake/Bread and Wine to the Lararium.
“Great and Divine Lares! Beloved Ancestors of my house!
On this day of the Ides I fulfill my sacred duty.
These things I offer you in respect and to your honor.
Beloved Ancestors, look for favor upon me;
Bless my doings, my work and guide me;
Protect me from harm and evil,
Guide me on the path of virtue and truth,
So that I become worth one day to join you,
In the Holy World of Thereafter!”
Add a personal prayer here if you like. Speaking to your Ancestors should be a personal matter, not overly formulaic.
“Oh Divine Lares, beloved Ancestors,
Share this meal with me, so that our bonds shall be eternal.
Guide me all the days of my life,
Grant me health, happiness and good fortune,
Watch over me, my family, my house and my country!
Shall there be peace between us!
Vita eritis beati!”
Stand a moment in silence, dowse the lights and incense.
(comment: as you can see, I use latin, but only sparsely. The idea was, that there should be some latin phrases, but sparsely enough so people still stay within an understandable text.)
The Kalends or Calends are the first day of each month, originally connected with the new moon. On this day the priests announced when debtors had to pay their debt. The Kalends symbolize the idea that every ending is a new beginning, and that everything returns in an everlasting cycle. The are especially sacred to Janus, the two faced “father of all things”, and Juno, the Queen and Mother Goddess. At the Kalends, ask Janus and Juno for blessing and protection for the new month, and give a small offering.
Stand in front of the altar. Sprinkle Water on your head and hands.
“May this water purify me.”
Sprinkle water in the four directions, starting from East clockwise.
“May the East be purified in the name of Vulturnus.
May the South be purified in the name of Auster.
May the West be purified in the name of Favonus.
May the North be purified in the name of Aquilon.”
Light the incense upon the altar.
“In the Name of Janus the great Father of all things,
May the Gatekeeper Janus bless this new moon”
Light the candles or lamps on the altar.
“Benevolent Mother Vesta, keeper of the Sacred Flame
May your flame always guide us through life.”
Offer a cake and a cup of wine.
“Great Sky-Mother Juno, Queen of the Gods,
I present you these offerings on this Holy Day of the Kalends,
May you favor me and my house,
May your protect me and my family.
May you grand us health, good fortune and happiness.”
Hold up the incense and walk to the Lararium.
“Blessed are thou, oh Divine Lares!
Blessed are thou, oh great Ancestors!
Blessed are thou, Divine Penates!”
Bow to the Lararium and proceed back to the altar. You may put there more offerings. Flowers or food or anything you see fit.
“These offerings I give you to, Immortal Gods;
With these I ask you, oh Great Janus, Father of All,
Ruler of Past and Present, Guardians of doors, of Change, of Endings and Beginnings,
That you bless the new Moon of (name month), for me, my family and my country.”
You may add a prayer of personal meaning, to the Gods in general, to Janus and if you like to one personal God to whom you feel connected to. Take the bread and wine, and consume them. Then pray again towards the altar.
“I thank thee, Janus the all seeing!
I thank thee, Great Gods of the Heavens!
Janus benedicat mihi. Janus protege mihi.”
Dowse the candles, lamps and incense.
“Vita eritis beati.”

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